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Celebrating a man larger than life - that’s why we call him Big Daddy!

Big’s Golf Club (B.G.C.) is a not-for-profit foundation committed to raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and acknowledging those affected by it. B.G.C. is dedicated to our amazing dad, Don “Big Daddy” Ellen, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2017. Those who know someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, know just how difficult coping with this disease is. Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect one person. Far from it. It affects spouses, children, immediate family members, and friends. It’s frustrating, confusing, and complicated. Every single day requires learning and adapting. The simple truth is: it’s hard. 

Seeing how Alzheimer’s impacted Big Daddy and our family inspired us to take our experience and create something beautiful. It’s easy to get caught up in the immediate challenges that Alzheimer’s presents, but we wanted to remember Big’s legacy and how he lived his life. He was a lovable, passionate, generous person - with a soft spot for golf! Our goal is to capture everything Big Daddy embodied within our foundation. 


B.G.C. advocates for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, and provides resources for spouses, children, and family members who endure constant life changes because of it. We know how tough dealing with Alzheimer’s is. We’ve been there, and we understand that education and support make a big difference.

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Raising money for important Alzheimer’s research is one of B.C.G.’s main goals...

And we achieve this by organizing golf tournaments and social events. We also work with local Alzheimer’s chapters and support groups to advocate against this disease. Don’t love golf as much as Big Daddy? That’s okay! You can support our mission by participating in one of our other events. By taking part, you’re helping a great cause - and we promise you will have a good time! Our events are fun, informative, and designed for anyone and everyone to get involved.


Help us in the fight against Alzheimer’s… Big’s Golf Club, join the club today!

So, how can you help?



Who is Big?

It was Don Ellen’s big presence that earned him the nickname “Big Daddy”. He was the life of the party, a friend to all, with a killer work ethic…and a BIG passion for golf. He worked hard and played hard, and took pride in his relationships. To know him was to love him! 


As a young man, Big played football for Louisiana State University and signed with the Miami Dolphins. He left to serve in the Vietnam War - the same year that the Dolphins won the Super Bowl! Life after Vietnam saw a return to football, with a coaching role at Louisiana Monroe. This was followed by a successful career in the chicken business…and the rest is history. From then on, he enjoyed the company of his family and friends, and poured energy into his one true love: golf.


Big lived and breathed golf. He was a respected member of several country clubs, making friends both on and off the grounds. Throughout his life, he gave his time and resources to many fundraisers - even those unrelated to golf! He was a giver, not a taker, and the kind of man we all hope to be. 

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